A highly respected, seasoned racing professional with approximately 40 years of racing experience, Jack McCormack has consulted and engineered some of the most competitive racing machines in the industry.

“I’ve driven for Jack in many types of cars, and I’ve known him as chief mechanic, team manager, A RACING LEGACY engineer, and team owner. In all roles he has been superb, and I can say confidently that there are very few who have his comprehensive knowledge of racing. I wish him all the best in his bold new endeavor.”
Sam Posey
Driver / Former ABC Sports Anchor

1965_67_A_STREET_ROADSTERStarted competing with a 1932 Ford A/Street Roadster in Drag racing. Also built race engines for other racers.

Employed by Autodynamics of Marblehead, Massachusetts; Manufacturers of the Caldwell Formula Ford racing cars. Became racing mechanic for Sam Posey on the (USRC) United States Road-racing Circuit with the Caldwell Can-Am car and a Coca Cola Can-Am car. Competed in the Can-am series.

Chief Mechanic for Autodynamic with Sam Posey driving an Eagle and McLaren in the Formula 5000 series.1969 EAGLE FORMULA A

Chief Mechanic Autodynamics Dodge factory Trans Am team with Sam Posey and Ronnie Bucknum driving.

Employed as Team Manager / Chief Mechanic for Champ-Carr Racing of San Juan Capistrano, CA., with Sam Posey driving in the L&M Formula 5000 circuit in a TS-8 Surtees.Also entered a F-1 Surtees at the U.S. Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, NY with Sam Posey as driver.

1972 | C EAGLE INDY1972
Team Manager / Chief Mechanic: Champ-Carr Racing with Sam Posey and Rocky Moran driving TS-11 and TS-8 Surtees, respectively, on the L&M Formula 5000 circuit. First year at Indy with Sam Posey driving a 1972 Eagle.

Also entered a F-1 Surtees at the U.S. Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, NY.

Team Manager / Chief Mechanic: Champ-Carr Racing with Sam Posey driving in the Formula 5000 in 8 races, Tasman series in New Zealand and Australia. Chief mechanic for Jim McElreath at Indy. Ran assorted races on the rest of the USAC Championship trail with Jim McElreath and Sam Posey driving.

1974 TALON FORMULA 50001974
Started McCormack Racing Enterprises. First venture into building his own car for racing: the Talon Formula 5000 car. Sam Posey and Jon Woodner with Skip Barber, Rocky Moran, and Graham McRae test driving and racing in assorted events.

Chris Amon and Warwick Brown drove for McCormack Racing Enterprises in the Talon Formula 5000 car. Chris in the 8 races Tasman Series (New Zealand and Australia). Warwick in the United States Formula 5000 series.

Entered the first ever Long Beach Grand Prix with Talon Formula 5000 cars, with Chris Amon and Warwick Brown driving.

1976 | B EAGLE INDY1976
Sam Posey drove for McCormack Racing Enterprises and Celebrity Racing at the first two Formula 5000 races of the season. Closes McCormack Racing Enterprises and goes on to work for Dan Gurney’s All American Racers as Chief Mechanic with Pancho Carter and Vern Schuppan driving.

Chief Mechanic: Dan Gurney’s All American Racers with Pancho Carter driving. Ran assorted races on the rest of the USAC Championship Track while testing the new 1977 Eagle Off-Set IndyCar.

Worked on Pete Weismann’s gearboxes for various teams on the USAC trail; included working on Bob Fletcher’s lighting at Indy and on American Motor’s AMC Development transmission project.

1979 McCLAREN INDY CAR 11979
Chief Mechanic on Warner Hodgdon’s AMC Spirit and M23 McLaren Cosworth. Both cars qualified at Indy with Roger McCluskey in the McLaren and Jerry Sneva in the McLaren at Ontario Motor Speedway. Additionally, ran assorted races in the Super Vee Series, with Roger Mears driving.

Chief Mechanic on the Don Cliff/John Menard Wildcar IndyCar, with Herm Johnson driving.

1981 GTO DATSUN1980-81
Team Manager / Chief Mechanic: Nation Treaty Service. Datsun Factory IMSA – G.T.O. team, with Sam Posey, Fred Stiff and Mike Folmer driving. This was a development project for the Datsun 280-ZX with a six-cylinder,
turbo-charged motor in conjunction with the design and development of a new Pete Weisman five-speed transmission.

19821982 MARCH INDY 2
Worked for George Bignotti-Dan Cotter Racing Team on the development of the Weismann and March gearboxes. Tom Sneva and Geoff Brabham qualified and raced at Indy in March IndyCars.

Co-Chief for Dick Simon Racing with two cars at Indy: A 1983 Dan Gurney Eagle Cosworth and a 1983 Robin Head March Cosworth.

Opened and operated Independent Mercedes Benz Repair Shop in Dana Point, CA.

Relocated Mercedes Benz Repair Shop to new building in San Clemente, CA. Consulted for the Nick Moore/Eric Morrow I.R.O.C. Camaro. This team went on to win the IMSA Grandsport Fire Hawk Series along with the Manufacturer’s Championship for Chevrolet, with Co-Driver Buddy Norton winning the Driver Championship and the Norelco Driving Award. Consultant to Ramsay Motorsport Bosch Mini-Indy Super Vee Team. Dave Ramsay ran assorted Pro Races, while winning the National Southwest Coast Divisional Championship.

1987 MINI INDY1988-90
Continued with private business plus consulting with various race teams, all in Southern California.

Team Manager / Chief Mechanic for Team Cam-Net, with Claude Bourbonnais driving in the Player’s Toyota Atlantic Championship in Canada.

1991|92 SWIFT ATLANTIC A1992
Re-opens McCormack Racing, while looking for marketing venus for the 1993 season. Ran assorted races with Bill Pratt & Rick Hill. Pratt qualified 3rd and Hill qualified 4th in Calgary, Canada. Also qualifying 6th at Phoenix in the Toyota Formula Atlantic Series. Enlisted and managed Bill Roe in his first ever Indy Lights races on two oval tracks.

Formed Team Leisy/McCormack Racing LTD., along with Harry Puterbaugh of Peoria, Illinois. The team bought an Indy Lights Lola chassis and entered 3 events with Rob Wilson driving.

Ran a two-car Indy Lights effort, running four different drivers. Rob Wilson placed 12th in the Championship, despite only competing in 6 races. Harry Puterbaugh also drove in several events.

1994 INDY LIGHTS1995-96
Ran several races in the Indy Lights series as a manager and consultant at Leisy Company. Consulted for NIK Johnson of Sweden – in Kuala Lumpur 1st place finish.

Consultant and Manager at Leisy Company while opening a fire log company in conjunction with Harry Puterbaugh of Peoria, IL.. Also consulted on various race teams in Southern California.

Consulted with B.M.W. design works on an engineering project, and consulted with various race teams on race car set up and application of detailed preparation of race car components.

Worked with Cruden America on aircraft style race car simulators for driver training and race car set up while still consulting for various racing teams.

Working on marketing venus for the new 2014/2015 IndyCar series, along with consulting with the Alex Tagliani IndyCar Team on detailed preparation of race car components.

Formed new partnership with Micheal McCormack, made new car acquisitions and established a race shop in the heart of the home of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Currently looking forward to building and testing towards the upcoming IndyCar Light & IndyCar Race Series.