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The Indy 500’s History & Tradition is Legendary.

Boost Your Brand

Indy Open Wheel Racing is a worldwide leader in promoting sales for scores of blue chip companies around the globe. We’re excited to introduce you and your company to a choice marketing program that will generate new sales and enhance your current on-going sales program.

The Verizon IndyCar Series draws many times more people than the Super Bowl worldwide. In fact, the Indy 500 is the largest single day sporting event in the world. The race is attended by 400 thousand people annually. In addition, all Indy 500 races have a worldwide TV-Radio audience of 50 million+ strong on ABC Sports and are broadcast live, lap by lap, for 500 miles over armed service T.V. and radio networks throughout the world on ships, planes, and most land bases.

The Indianapolis 500 event creates a “fan for life”. Rarely will people question if you have ever been to the Indy 500. Rather, the question is how many times. The Indy 500 is an event, attended by individuals traveling 500+ miles. Parents take their children, who later take their own, strengthening the current fan excitement year round; continuing the history and traditions; and creating new fans not common to the sport.
Your product/brand could be a featured product of the Indianapolis 500 Memorial Day race promoted through McCormack Racing LLC.. With this kind of exposure from all mediums along with the social networks (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) we will increase brand awareness through continued daily and weekly updates on our latest developments on your Race Team plus the latest on your company and it’s products.

Sponsorships can be tailored to fit all brands and budgets. McCormack Racing’s team can design a program customized to your needs based on selective venues to reach targeted demographics. Packages and involvement costs vary based on IndyCar or Indy Lights Series, the number of races and/or usage of the “Xperience” race simulator promotional package.

It is our duty and commitment to our sponsors to provide a vehicle that will help get their product known worldwide. We can provide many examples that attest to how sponsoring an IndyCar Team will positively impact your company’s growth. We can offer billboard and print; program inserts at the track; and banners flown over the track with your company’s logo and web address. We can also offer incentives for your employees and clients. Of course, we expect to have success on the track as well. It’s a fact that fans will buy the products that sponsor an IndyCar Team. It’s the team’s duty to promote and generate more revenue for the sponsor and we will do just that!

The Xperience

TRUCK_WednesdayThis custom billboard expresses the excitement of motor sports traveling from coast to coast covered from top to bottom, front to back with the customer brand graphics coupled with the technology to interact with future consumers from anywhere it travels. For the tech savvy and inquisitive, the rear door displays a giant QR code over seven square feet. Your URL / web and social media give opportunities to follow the Experience from the road to the track and all points in-between. This unit will be a head turner and attract attention everywhere it goes.

EXPERIENCE-FLOORPLANThe Xperience Transport is a self contained showroom complete with point of purchase product areas/displays and a private luxury suite for important discussions/negotiations or hospitality tailored to fit your needs. It also comes custom fitted to house and store an Indy racing show car along with our exclusive hi-tech IndyCar Racing Simulator and all supportive materials in transit.

Sponsor site specialists interact with the guests by showing other product(s) available, answering questions and general product education. Data harvesting is implemented when an email address connection is established by providing your guests access to a personal photo of their experience made available through the web.

The Corporate Xperiencesimulator
The Xperience travels to specified predetermined locations set up by the sponsor, and is typically pre-contracted for events and private corporate engagements. This offers a great opportunity for one on one presentations and builds customer loyalty through education and future brand relationship selling. The customer can predetermine who will drive the simulator based on the time allotted. Everyone gets an opportunity to see how their friends and associates drive on large flat-screens in a race setting designed to your specific needs.

The Public Xperience
The Xperience also travels to special events and entertainment venus offering the general public an opportunity to take the product challenge or make a purchase. Simulator driving time can be awarded by qualifying through various means all depending on the situation; from a major product purchase to answering IndyCar trivia questions. Qualifiers then get their chance to drive the Simulator and everyone gets an opportunity to see how others drive on large flat-screens.

Indy Lights Marketing

The Indy Lights series has launched a worldwide marketing and recruitment strategy. Elements of this program include:



The 2015 season will feature television coverage of all events on NBC Sports Network (United States) and ESPN International. NBC Sports Network reaches nearly 80 million homes and ESPN International broadcasts are shown in over 20 different countries around the world.



McCormack Racing incorporates Burdess & Associates, Inc., as an integral component and team member to help build your brand like never before.They are available to assist as needed to execute and oversee all facets of media placement, design and production.